EcoBreathe™ - Protecting our Planet

As you already know, our Planet is threatened by pollution a little more every day and water pollution represents a big part of this problem. 

Every day an unbelievable amount of garbage is released into the seas & oceans of our Planet and, according to WWF, 10 millions of masks could enter our oceans every month if only 1% of masks is disposed incorrectly...

But what else can we do besides paying particular attention to disposing our masks the right way?

Well... Now we can finally RECYCLE them!!!
And EcoBreathe™ is the solution!


EcoBreathe™ Masks are the World's 1st 100% recyclable face masks and currently represent the most eco-friendly option in terms of single use masks.

They are manufactured to the same high-quality standards as our staple 3-ply masks and provide a significantly more comfortable and secure fit thanks to their pressure-point free ear-loops.

But since we know not everyone is able to recycle, because your local authority might not provide plastic film recycling, we decided to go a step further for you; 

Every order will come with a shipping label, so that you can return the used masks to our facilities COST-FREE. We will then collect them and make sure the masks get recycled in line with sanitary guidelines.


Keep yourself safe while protecting our Planet.

Get your EcoBreathe™ here!