As of September 2020, the Outbreak of Coronavirus, which began in Wuhan, China, has made over 28 million people sick, of which at least 900.000 have died.

Marc Coppola, co-founder of Covid Safety Limited, realized the importance of PPE supply chain management and its shortage in Europe by late February 2020, when Europe faced its first major outbreak. He then left his job as a Real Estate analyst and joined CP Capital Partners as a procurement manager in the recently established healthcare emergency procurement fund.

After almost 2 months of intensive research on the procurement and supply chain management of the quality products, he convinced his employer to fund his e-commerce concept as an angel investor and established Covid Safety Limited in April 2020.


Covid Safety is a sustainable platform born with the aim of stabilizing the Personal Protective Equipment retail market globally, by making high quality certified products available at best rates for immediate shipment, unlike most of the major e-commerce platforms, where the shipping takes a long time and both quality and manufacturer’s credibility are not verified.


Covid Safety Limited gives away one third of its profit to Covid19 Responders Fund (an IRS registered public charity in the Unites States) to help the low income communities in need of healthcare support.


Covid Safety also teamed up with EcoBreathe™ to promote the world's first fully recyclable patent-pending mask program in order to protect our oceans. The WWF estimates that 10 million single use masks could pollute our oceans each month if just 1% of masks is disposed incorrectly and EcoBreathe™ is the winning solution.